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Baohua Yang

Great work, sheehan!

While for #1613, will we eventually trigger cmdline from `/hyperledger/build/bin`, instead of `$GOPATH/bin`? Or we will keep both?


On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 5:01 AM, Sheehan Anderson <sheehan@...> wrote:


Two pull requests were merged today that require some additional steps for developers using the Vagrant environment.

1529 changes the mapped REST port in Vagrantfile from 3000 to 5000. This is now the same as the peer's default REST port. This was done to reduce confusion that was being caused by Vagrant mapping the REST port to a different port on the host machine. To pick up the change, simply run "vagrant halt" followed by "vagrant up". The default REST port will now always be 5000 in all environments.

1613 adds /hyperledger/build/bin to the PATH. This will eventually be used for build artifacts so developers can simply run commands such as "peer node ..." from any location. This requires no immediate action, but eventually it will be necessary to run "vagrant destroy" "vagrant up" when build artifacts are added to this directory. Thanks to Greg Haskins for this change.

These changes were merged in tandem to reduce the impact on developers. Please reach out if you encounter any issues.

Sheehan Anderson

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