Is it a BUG when a peer joined in a channel successfully with it's own cert instead of the admin cert for verifying?

kuku <loowenzi@...>

 Now I work on the e2e_cli examples in hyperledger fabric with alpha2 images, I do some changes when  peer0 join in the existed channel.
 I think peer0 will not join in the channel,but ,it successful join in. Is it a BUG ? or give suggestion.
 my steps follows:
 1.) create the crypto-config file first by running ./
 2.) I change the Admin@... to in the "crypto-config/peerOrganizations/" file.
 3.) create the cli ,4 peers, orderer container successfully .
 4.) Into the cli container, first create mychannel successfully.
 5.) Second, in the cli container, join the channel with the environment variables ,using the MSP dir of its own cert.
  then ,"peer channel join -b mychannel.block " ..  
You can see the peer join the channel successfully using its own peer cert for verifying ,but not the admin cert.
It is a BUG if the peer could join the channel with its own cert for verifying? is it mean any peer could join the channel free without authority control ?
expect your suggestions ,thanks.


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