Re: Setting up network using Fabric CA

Sam Venzi

Hello, Cindy.

Each CA has its own TLS CA certificate, and will issue TLS certificates for the nodes of its own org.


Samuel Venzi
CTO @ GoLedger

On 10 Nov 2022 01:10 -0300, Cindy Qian <cindy.qian@...>, wrote:

Hi, I have a question:

When we set up a fabric network using ca, at least we need one ca for each organization for enrollment purposes and one TLS ca for issuing all tls server certificates for all nodes. So in the test-network sample, we should have at least 4 ca, 3 of them are for two peer org and one orderer org, and the last 1 is for tls ca. But I don't understand why there are only 3 containers in compose/compose-ca.yaml. Could you please help me


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