Re: Questions in Documents --- "Adding an Org to a channel"

Artem Barger

This is probably a typo and it meant to be compose folder instead of docker. Feel free to submit pull request with appropriate documentation fix.
The command should be

docke-compose -f compose/compose-org3.yaml up -d

On 2 October 2022 at 22:04:54, Cindy Qian (cindy.qian@...) wrote:

Dear Sir,

I found a small error in the documents.
In the section: Tutorials--->Adding an org to a new channel--->Bring up Org3 components. The instructions are like below:

However, the fabric samples downloaded from the official website show that there is no docker directory in the addOrg3 directory. 

I am a little confused, could you help me fix the problem?

Looking forward to your reply

Cindy Qian

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