Re: Archival solution in hyperledger fabric #fabric-peer #fabric

Chandramohan Jagtap

Hi Shweta,

Yes, The solution works with fabric 2.4+, be careful, There should be at least one peer who has access to the full ledger. Also, go through the limitation. The major limitation is that you won't be able to query the previous assets, and the History functionality won't work with the older blocks(Not present in the snapshot) peer.

Thanks & Regards,                                        
Chandramohan Jagtap

On Thu, Sep 1, 2022 at 4:26 PM Kumari Shweta via <> wrote:
Pls confirm if below solution works for hlf 2.4 as i have gone throgh 
Assumption: Lets we have 20000 blocks in network
Step1: snapshot of ledger from 15000 block and crate an new peer,this new peer have last 5000 blocks and then have the new blocks
Step2 -update anchor peer in the channel to the newly created peer.
Step3 : bring dwon the old peer


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