Re: two channels with the same chaincode


Hi Nikos,

Sharing the CCaaS endpoint across multiple channels is asking for trouble.  It _may_ work, but it seems like it's an invitation for unexpected problems if and when the states collide across the peer's notion of chaincode scope.

As an alternate option... strongly consider migrating from CCaaS to the new Kubernetes Chaincode Builder to help keep everything organized.  This will allow you to prepare one docker image and one chaincode package (bound to the immutable layer digest for the routine) for your smart contract.   The k8s-builder does a good job of juggling and sorting out pods based on the org, cc label, channel, etc. at which the contract is committed to the ledger.

Some notes on the k8s-builder CC installation flow are available at the Full Stack Asset Transfer Guide, illustrating in one case how a contract package can be published to a web server and linked to a Docker build pipeline.

Also note that the k8s-builder is supported natively by the modern k8s operators, both fabric-operator and hlf-operator provide built-in support for the new CC deployment mechanisms.


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