peer node unjoin fails when couchdb is present

Brett Tiller


Using the fabric sample test-network I start the network and create a channel using the defaults i.e ‘network up createChannel’.  I’ve written a script that sucessfully unjoins a peer from the channel using command ‘peer node unjoin’ which it does by doing a ‘docker inspect’ on the container to be removed and reading in the Env and Bind data to build the command line. See Figure-1 below.   However, when I start the network and include CouchDB i.e. ‘./ up createChannel -s couchdb’, I see an error connecting to the database when I try to unjoin the peer.  See Figure -2.  The connection to CouchDB is failing as it appears to me that the url is incorrect and should be using the localhost?  I’m guessing that the couch connection url is taken from the Env data that contains "CORE_LEDGER_STATE_COUCHDBCONFIG_COUCHDBADDRESS=couchdb0:5984".  Perhaps there’s another environment variable that needs to be set to log into the host and the mapped port which is what I use to access CouchDB via the browser?



                                                                                                                                                                Figure -1 Success


Figure -2 Failure to Connect to CouchDB




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