Error Removing Orgs from Fabric Network

Brett Tiller

I’m testing that an organization can be removed from a network and am following the steps specified in the fairly recent article, as it is relevant to HLF fabric 2.3.  I’m using the fabric-sample test-network,

which as you know has two organizations and one orderer, for my test case. After Step 8 I stopped the Org2MSP docker container because in my view it is in process of being removed from the network so should be not endorsing transactions.  The error I’m encountering is in the final step, step 11 which is to

submit the channel update to the blockchain, when I run the command below.


peer channel update -f config_update_in_envelope.pb -c mychannel -o localhost:7050 --tls --cafile $ORDERER_CA

  1. Error: got unexpected status: BAD_REQUEST -- error applying config update to existing channel 'mychannel': error authorizing update: error validating DeltaSet: policy for [Group]  /Channel/Application not satisfied: implicit policy evaluation failed - 1 sub-policies were satisfied, but this policy requires 2 of the 'Admins' sub-policies to be satisfied


My question is where and how do I make the policy change to resolve the error above?




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