Transactions query issue #fabric-sdk-java


Hi All,

I am using couchdb for the as the worldstate database. 50k transactions were done.While querying , 39 of them did not appear .Error was saying that:

The data does not exist.
But the data exist.because after this automatic query,when it was queried again,result was coming.
What maybe the issue for this?


this is the couchdb config at core.yaml file:


# Limit on the number of records per each CouchDB query

       # Note that chaincode queries are only bound by totalQueryLimit.

       # Internally the chaincode may execute multiple CouchDB queries,

       # each of size internalQueryLimit.

       internalQueryLimit: 1000

       # Limit on the number of records per CouchDB bulk update batch

       maxBatchUpdateSize: 1000

       # Warm indexes after every N blocks.

       # This option warms any indexes that have been

       # deployed to CouchDB after every N blocks.

       # A value of 1 will warm indexes after every block commit,

       # to ensure fast selector queries.

       # Increasing the value may improve write efficiency of peer and CouchDB,

       # but may degrade query response time.

       warmIndexesAfterNBlocks: 1

       # Create the _global_changes system database

       # This is optional.  Creating the global changes database will require

       # additional system resources to track changes and maintain the database

       createGlobalChangesDB: false

       # CacheSize denotes the maximum mega bytes (MB) to be allocated for the in-memory state

       # cache. Note that CacheSize needs to be a multiple of 32 MB. If it is not a multiple

       # of 32 MB, the peer would round the size to the next multiple of 32 MB.

       # To disable the cache, 0 MB needs to be assigned to the cacheSize.

       cacheSize: 64

If we are doing a query of 50k ,almost at the same time.can this error occur?
Do I have to change the Couchdb settings?

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