two channels with the same chaincode

Nikos Karamolegkos


I have a network with some peer organizations (2 peers each organization) and one orderer organization (with 3 orderer nodes), let's call them consortium. Each time a new channel is created this consortium join the new channel and a default chaincode is installed to the new channel (theoretically, because practically/physically the chaincode is installed to peers). Each time I change the chaincode label (and name) in order to be distinct for the peers which have multiple chaincodes installed (one for each channel). The chaincode is deployed as an external service, and I am wondering If I can have the same chaincode label and name for all the channels installed only once to the peers ?(as it is the same for all channels, the only thing that changes is the ledger after different transactions)


Nikos Karamolegkos
R & D engineer at ICS-FORTH
Telecommunications and Networks Lab (TNL)

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