Re: Transaction / Assets #database

Sam Venzi

Hello FemGeek,

In Hyperledger Fabric, data is already stored as a key-value representation. You can model the value structure as you please. For example:

“key1”: “value1"


“key2”: {
“property1”: “hey”,
“property2”: 23

The following link provides an example of representation:

In the fabcar chaincode, you can see that the car data is modeled using a Go struct and then marshaled into a JSON to serve as the value which is passed as argument to PutState(key, value): 

Hope it sheds some light on your problem.


Samuel Venzi
CTO @ GoLedger

On 12 Jul 2022 09:54 -0300, FemGeek <femgeek.massey@...>, wrote:

Hello, I'm troubled about how to represent RCM Healthcare claim payments from payer as assets.  How can I design the data to represent a key-value pair on the ledger.

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