Re: [hyperledger/fabric] Remove chaincode instance variables from example chaincodes (#1981)

Brian Behlendorf <bbehlendorf@...>

This is another fascinating discussion I thought folks on the list may want to follow.


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We have developed a reasonably big chain code as a prototype application, and found that it is quite easy to write a non-deterministic code.
For example, one can write non-deterministic chain code by

  • using associative arrays with iteration (the order is randomized in Go lang)
  • reading list of items from KVS table (the order is not guaranteed)
  • or writing thread-unsafe chain code (query and invoke may be called in parallel)

I am sure we can find more.
The problem is that it is quite difficult to debug the non-deterministic chaincode. An app developer can easily develop a chaincode that is non-deterministic unless he has sufficient understanding in the behaviour of Go programs.
Some kind of domain specific language, or a validation tool, should certainly help.

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