Re: unable to fetch config block of system channel from the orderer pod #orderer #fabric-orderer #fabric-kubernetes #fabric-questions #grpc

Vijaya Bhaskar

I would like to mention that this setup is spread between 2 clusters, I am exposing services between clusters to interconnect using skupper. 

the current running blockchain is on azure central India cluster and the new cluster where a new consortium of one org to be setup in US-east.

I also tried fetching the system config block from the new cluster with appropriate env variables and certs(shown below). 

export CORE_PEER_ID=orderercli
export ORDERER_CA=/files/crypto-config/ordererOrganizations/orderer/msp/tlscacerts/orderers-ca-service-7054.pem
export CORE_PEER_TLS_CERT_FILE=/files/crypto-config/ordererOrganizations/orderer/orderers/orderer0/tls/server.crt
export CORE_PEER_TLS_KEY_FILE=/files/crypto-config/ordererOrganizations/orderer/orderers/orderer0/tls/server.key
export CORE_PEER_TLS_ROOTCERT_FILE=/files/crypto-config/ordererOrganizations/orderer/orderers/orderer0/tls/ca.crt
export CORE_PEER_MSPCONFIGPATH=/files/crypto-config/ordererOrganizations/orderer/orderers/orderer0/msp
export CORE_PEER_ADDRESS=orderer0-service:7050

and the error I am facing from the new cluster is as below
Error: failed to create deliver client for orderer: orderer client failed to connect to orderer0-service:7050: failed to create new connection: context deadline exceeded

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