Re: Endorsement Policy Failure while committing chaincode #fabric-kubernetes #hyperledger-fabric #chaincode


@Dave  As you can see from the configtx.yaml that I've previously shared, all the orgs have LifecycleEndorsement policy set to  


                Type: Signature

                Rule: "OR('Org1MSP.peer')"

and from the example configtx file which you shared, I can see that the policy is set to "OR('OrgMSP.member')". Will that impact? 
The hyperledger version I'm using is 2.2

@Josh, thank you for the compliment, it's a template I took from the repo I'm using as a reference for this project. Coming to your second point, the CORE_PEER_LOCALMSPID along with all the other required peer env variables is specified while creating peer containers but not in the argo workflows which execute the chaincode process. Even though I'm not using cli containers in my cluster unlike docker, I can safely tell you that my argo workflows do the same job of the cli containers more or less. Argo templates are used to do nothing but create containers and run chaincode scripts on them. Also, I haven't specified any CORE_PEER env variables in my docker-compose file for cli containers either. They are specified for the peer containers. At this point, I'm having another doubt. Why didn't any of this affect the previous chaincode commands?

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