Re: Endorsement Policy Failure while committing chaincode #fabric-kubernetes #hyperledger-fabric #chaincode

David Enyeart

Here is the key lines:


2022-06-22 07:16:04.421 UTC [policies] func1 -> DEBU 777c66 Evaluation Failed: Only 0 policies were satisfied, but needed 3 of [ SchooleducationMSP/Endorsement HighereducationMSP/Endorsement EsevaiMSP/Endorsement NiMSP/Endorsement ]

2022-06-22 07:16:04.421 UTC [policies] EvaluateSignedData -> DEBU 777c67 Signature set did not satisfy policy /Channel/Application/LifecycleEndorsement


It means of the 4 channel members, it needs a majority (3) to pass LifecycleEndorsement policy.  LifecycleEndorement policy itself references each of the org specific Endorsement policies. So double check the org Endorsement policies, e.g. here:


BTW What Fabric version is this? I’m not seeing the improved policy error logging that was added to v2.4.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [Hyperledger Fabric] Endorsement Policy Failure while committing chaincode #fabric-kubernetes #hyperledger-fabric

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