Re: Endorsement Policy Failure while committing chaincode #fabric-kubernetes #hyperledger-fabric #chaincode


Hi Arsh,

The `peer` CLI also uses some context and input parameters from the core.yaml configuration file - make sure that these are setting the correct MSP context when running the commit, or have suitable overrides in the environment (e.g. CORE_PEER_ ...).  I wonder if your commit is being rejected as it's submitting a transaction with an incorrect policy.

Also you should be aware that last week we released a production-ready Kubernetes fabric-operator to the open source community.  The operator includes support for both chaincode-as-a-service and the new fabric-builder-k8s chaincode builders, both of which may help to reduce or eliminate the need for Argo workflows in your chaincode deployments.  You might have a good luck starting with the operator sample-network, then building up towards your multi-org blockchain from a stable base.

Would love to hear feedback on the new operator, and if it meets your needs for quickly and predictably spinning up blockchains with the declarative CRDs and Helm.  There is also a public Discord channel over at #fabric-kubernetes where the community can engage on topics related to deployment on a cluster.


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