Re: Can we use Private data collection concept within single organisation ? #fabric-private-data

Nikhil Gupta

Hello Avinash,

Private data collections are only useful at the organization level, so you cannot create private collections for individuals.

For individual level permissioning, you would be to use attribute based access control at the smart contract level:


On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 2:45 AM Avinash Vijaykumar Pedgaonkar <avinash.vp@...> wrote:
Dear All
Fabric Private data collection concept is demonstrated  as private data sharing between specified  organizations  among a channel. 
I need to keep some data private between users of same organisation. e.g.  two farmers of Organisation 'Farmer'  want to hide their deal amount from each other . 
can we use  Private data collection concept for this ?  if yes how ? 


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