Re: Error; Unknown Policy SmartBFT BlockValidation Type: ImplicitOrderer #fabric-orderer #policies


Based on this comment about BlockValidation in configtx.yaml, you might want to double check if "SMARTBFT" is a valid Rule
for BlockValidation at path Channel/Orderer:
        # BlockValidation specifies what signatures must be included in the block
        # from the orderer for the peer to validate it.
                    Type: ImplicitOrderer
                    Rule: SMARTBFT

Found this old configtx.yaml where they seem to be using BFT consensus. Please check if this is useful:


On Monday, June 13, 2022, 10:25:36 AM GMT+5:30, vemula.harish31@... <vemula.harish31@...> wrote:

Hi ,
I am using smartBFT orderer in hyperledger fabric version 2.3.0 , getting following error while creating the channel .
why it is unable to recognize the implicitorderer and where exactly these policies are written in the source code, any suggesions to resolve the issue are really helpful for me.
using below policies in configtx.yaml. 

                    Type: ImplicitMeta
                    Rule: ANY Readers
                    Type: ImplicitMeta
                    Rule: ANY Writers
                    Type: ImplicitMeta
                    Rule: MAJORITY Admins
                    Type: ImplicitOrderer
                    Rule: SMARTBFT

+ osnadmin channel join --channel-id channel2 --config-block ./channel-artifacts/channel2.block -o localhost:7053 --ca-file /media/cdac/harish/fabric-samples/test-network/organizations/ordererOrganizations/ --client-cert /media/cdac/harish/fabric-samples/test-network/organizations/ordererOrganizations/ --client-key /media/cdac/harish/fabric-samples/test-network/organizations/ordererOrganizations/
+ res=0
Status: 400
"error": "invalid join block: initializing policy manager failed: policy BlockValidation at path Channel/Orderer has unknown policy type: 4"

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