error: [DiscoveryHandler]: compareProposalResponseResults[undefined] - read/writes result sets do not match index=1 #hyperledger-fabric #fabric-endorser #fabric-peer


I get the compareProposalResponseResults[undefined] error when sending multiple transactions concurrently within a particular time duration, using Node SDK,
Sometimes I am getting this error at the client console and sometimes not getting it at all.

there are no errors in peer and orderer logs. all transactions are committed to the ledger.
I am using asset Transfer chain code, invoking createAsset().

while (( - startTime) < t) {

//here submit is an asynchronus function,
// const fname = ['CreateAsset','asset8','red','123',filetext,'123']; 

async function submit(fname) {    
          const response = contract.submitTransaction(...fname);

How can I avoid the above error, what exactly causing the issue?

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