#hyperledger-fabric Contract to call a Contract within the same chaincode #hyperledger-fabric


Hello ,

I am trying to implement multiple contracts in a single chaincode in Go lang.

We have a method called `InvokeChaincode(chaincodeName string, args [][]byte, channel string)` where we will  invoke a method ,from one chaincode to another  method of another chaincode.,

Do we have any methods where a contract will call another contract in a same chaincode in Fabric Go-SDK.


Vehicle chaincode{
       Car contract{
           create car,
           query car
       boat contract{
           create boat,
           query boat
       person contract{
           updatevehicles vehicles,
           queryvehicles vehicles

Call create car(car contract) and create boat(Boat contract) in person contract 

Thanks in-advance.

Dinesh. A

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