How to restore fabric network from expired admin and Orderer TLS Certs #fabric #fabric-orderer #hyperledger-fabric



I've setup a blockchain network using Fabric 2.2.2 with raft based Orderers. Recently the admin certs and TLS certs are expired for all 3 Peer orgs and 1 Orderer Org with 3 Orderer Nodes.

This network has 1 system channel and 2 application channels. 

First, We tried to update first system channel by replacing the orderer1 tls cert. After the successful system channel config update with Orderer1 new TLS cert, replaced the MSP Folder and TLS Folder with new certs on Orderer1 and then restarted the node. After this, unable to fetch channel config from orderer1. Getting service unavailable error. Not sure It is because we missed out to update the new tls certs on application channels before restarting the node. I've summarized my current state of the network below. Need a help to recover the network from this problem. Please suggest any solution to get rid of this smoothly.

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