Re: Extend network with new orderers while is running

Nikos Karamolegkos

Ok based on theory I quote:
On the one hand, the more Raft nodes that are deployed, the more nodes can be lost while maintaining that a majority of the nodes are still available (unless a majority of nodes are available, the cluster will cease to process and create blocks). A five node cluster, for example, can tolerate two down nodes, while a seven node cluster can tolerate three down nodes.

So I understand that in case I have 3 orderer nodes and one is unavailable the Raft works based on the concept of a quorum in which as long as a majority (i.e 2) of the Raft nodes are online, the Raft cluster stays available. Correct?

However, your answer confuse me. Specifically,

That allows the orderers to reach consensus even if one does not agree. But, that does not allow for continued operation if one of those nodes is interrupted and is not responding. If you have five orderers, the set can still reach consensus even if one is down temporarily

What do you mean continued operation? Does not agree for me means that the orderer is bad or dead, in any case the network can keep working with the remaining two orderers.

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