Re: Extend network with new orderers while is running

Tom Lamm


Be careful about what you mean by “consensus”. In most blockchain conversations consensus refers to an agreement about what is stored in the blocks. In Hyperledger Fabric, that is determined by Peer consensus, not Orderers. See

The ordering nodes determine the order of the transactions (Blocks). See

So the Peers agree on “what” is stored in the blocks, e.g., “A deposit and a withdraw”. The Orderers agree on the order of events, e.g., “Withdraw followed by Deposit”.

In your example network of one Peer and one working Orderer, consensus does not apply, there are no other Peers or Orderers to have conflicting information.

On Apr 5, 2022, at 3:04 AM, Nikos Karamolegkos <nkaram@...> wrote:

What happens if I have two orderers nodes and one is down? What I have to change in order the network to keep running with one peer after the second one is down (I believe somehow I have to change the consensus policy)? Also, how I set the consensus to majority?

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