Re: Java chaincode as an external service for k8s deployment



Unfortunately Fabric does not have a clear, concise example for building, running, and debugging Java smart contracts "as a service."   As you have found, the docs and tutorials are complicated, unclear, difficult to reproduce, and in some cases ... incorrect.

That said, the information is available, but in some disarray.  Also you are not the first one to notice the need for housekeeping in this area - Issues #2916, #3266, and #548 capture most of the details, but I agree this is still "too hard" to wade through in current form.

Please reach out (either in #2916 at git, or in #fabric-samples at Discord) if you'd like to help with some testing / validation in this area.  We can make some changes to the docs, but it would be great to incorporate a fresh perspective on getting up to speed with Fabric.

Thanks for the inquiry.

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