Re: Hyperledger Fabric Gateway fails with certificate signed by unknown authority but certificates pass an openssl test #hyperledger-fabric #tls #fabric-sdk-go


I'm also getting this message:
[gateway] orderers -> Failed to connect to orderer err="failed to create new connection: context deadline exceeded"
2022-02-10 17:31:30.461 UTC 0b95 INFO [comm.grpc.server] 1 -> unary call completed grpc.service=gateway.Gateway grpc.method=Submit grpc.request_deadline=2022-02-10T17:30:35.43Z grpc.peer_address= grpc.peer_subject="CN=admin-tls@...,OU=admin,O=company,L=MEDELLIN,ST=ANTIOQUIA,C=CO" error="rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = no orderer nodes available" grpc.code=Unavailable grpc.call_duration=1m0.030407308s.

That's why I think the problem is between peer and orderer, the weird thing is that it only happens using the new gateway.

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