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David Faulstich Diniz Reis DNS maybe misconfigured. Why you are overriding tls hostname using the same hostname?

Em ter., 4 de jan. de 2022 06:58, <pham.qtpham@...> escreveu:


I have error when doing approving chaincode definition for orgs. The error in the log file is:


Approving chaincode definition for orgs...

+ peer lifecycle chaincode approveformyorg --connTimeout 120s -o --ordererTLSHostnameOverride --channelID tradechannel --name trade --version v1 --signature-policy 'AND('\''ExporterOrgMSP.member'\'','\''ImporterOrgMSP.member'\'','\''RegulatorOrgMSP.member'\'')' --init-required --package-id trade:faa12a4496d5d02c048c66d0fc1fef1ccc4cc87261eddb96e5f20b49fa417006 --sequence 1 --tls true --cafile /opt/gopath/src/

+ res=1

+ set +x

Error: failed to send transaction: could not send to orderer node: EOF

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Failed to approve chaincode definition for exporterorg for channel 'tradechannel'  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

========= ERROR !!! FAILED to execute Chaincode Installation Scenario ===========

Any idea how to fix this?

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