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Older discussion on that topic:

In one of the threads above David Enyeart shared a nice section regarding PDC vs channel:

You have to consider some numbers when dealing with the ordering service cluster and number of channels per orderer:

The management of the channels may bring overhead. However it is important to consider the functional requirements first and then decide on the technical model.

It is mostly about your functional / privacy requirements. Technically speaking I see no problem scaling to 8 channels (ledgers) if your business will benefit from it. Channel management may be a maintenance concern depending on how often you need to do updates (i.e. deploy chaincodes, change policies, etc). However if regular updates are required we usually automate the steps anyways.

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Hey Folks,

I want to know what is the optimum number of channels which a small network can have? What considerations shall I take to decide these?

I have a under-10 member network with around 2k transactions per day in the network. (Currently have 3 channels & like to scale to 8). I have read that due to maintenance overhead channels are not advisable rather private data collections shall be considered. Can someone please shed some light on this.


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