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David Faulstich Diniz Reis


The chaincode has a unique identifier in the network when it is running. If a chaincode calls itself (another function) using invokeChaincode method, an error will occur.  You have to call the function directly without using invokeChaincode method. 

If a chaincode invokes another chaincode in the same channel, both calls will have their write sets appended to the transaction.

If a chaincode invokes another chaincode in another channel, it will be considered a query and no changes will be applied to the second chaincode state.

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Em sex., 17 de dez. de 2021 às 08:24, BigBang019 <zhuxy0000@...> escreveu:

Environment: fabric release-2.2
My chaincode named vulnerable is as follows:

When I invoke helloworld directly, it gives me responce "helloworld", everything works fine.

But when I invoke invokeChaincode method, it gives me

and chaincode docker container logging is as follows:

It seems like
(1) the statement System.out.printf("\n%s\n", chaincodeName) works fine.
(2) org.hyperledger.fabric.shim.impl.InvocationStubImpl.invokeChaincode also finds the registered method helloworld, but it encountered another exception half way the invocation.

Does anyone met this problem before?
Thanks in advance.

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