Re: Question about PrivateData Endorsement in Hyperledger Fabric #fabric-endorser


Hi, thanks for your reply.
I'm using fabric release-2.2, and deployed a test network on a clean environment. I have the following phenomena:
(1) When I use cmd docker exec peer channel getinfo -c mychannel and docker exec peer channel getinfo -c mychannel, I got the same result, which means there's no state inconsistency.
(2) When I change the endorsement policy of the chaincode vulenrable to "OR('Org1MSP.peer','Org2MSP.peer')"
     everything works fine. 

Conclusion: If we deploy a chaincode with (1) privatedata config above, (2) endorsement policy like  "AND('Org1MSP.peer','Org2MSP.peer')", then this chaincode fail with endorsement conflict.

Is this a bug? I haven't get deeper inspection of the reason.

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