Re: How Can Other Peers Get Copies of the World State Database? #minifab #minifabric



Thank you again for your prompt response.  So let me understand this.

I have 5 peer nodes in my network, each having a CouchDB instance on different ports mapping back to Port 5984.

Data documents are in the Peer1 CouchDB instance.  When I docker exec into Peer 4's CouchDB instance and run the command to list all DBs, the DB holding the documents in Peer 1 CouchDB instance are NOT in Peer 4.

BUT...I can be in Peer 4's CouchDB instance, do a query, and the output will be returned?  Is that what you're saying?

Because I just tried that with a small dataset of 10 records and I didn't get any output on Peer 4's CouchDB node. 

However, when I docker exec into Peer 1's CouchDB node and do the query, I get the output.


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