How Can Other Peers Get Copies of the World State Database? #minifab #minifabric


Quick question.

Is there a command in minifabric where peers get a copy of the documents in the World State Database?

I have 60,000,000 records LITERALLY in a CouchDB database in a Peer 1 container.

My network has 5 peers and Minifabric also created 5 CouchDB peers as well.

I would like for Peers 2, 3, 4, and 5 in my network to have copies of the same data in CouchDB.

GOAL:  I would like to be in Peer 3 and query the World State Database and get results based on arguments I specify.

Is there a minifab command that does this or will I have to use other methods?  Better yet, can this even be done?

Thanks in advance, Hyperledger developers!!

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