Creating HLF network with fabric-go-sdk and kubernetes #kubernetes #fabric-sdk-go #testnetwork



I have a problem with understanding the role of GO SDK in HLF and with Kubernetes. Here is the story.

First, I have managed to setup three test networks provided by fabric samples. My next step was trying to add an organization to test-network-k8s, and TBH it was quite complex to add and reconfigure data via bash/config files to manage such an action. Then, I found out that the way to do it is via GO SDK by creating an operator. So, I tried a few k8s operators, but I cannot say they enhanced my understanding. 

1) When building initial HLF infrastructure, do you build it programmatically with SDK? If no, which are the base components I need to setup (binaries, configs, other software)? 
2) How to connect HLF with the SDK? If I create go project and add SDK, how will the SDK recognize the HLF network, which configuration do I need to setup?

Any help would be appreciated


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