ApproveChaincodeDefinitionForMyOrg fails with private data missing

Sebastian Meyer zu Borgsen



We experience a problem that we cannot approve a newer chaincode version for our org.

Due to a reinstall of the org’s peers we have no access to the private data of the previous approval.
ApproveChaincodeDefinitionForMyOrg produces an error with the following content:


Error: proposal failed with status: 500 - failed to invoke backing implementation of 'ApproveChaincodeDefinitionForMyOrg':

could not serialize chaincode parameters to state: could not deserialize metadata for namespace namespaces/CC#1:

could not query metadata for namespace namespaces/CC#1: GET_STATE failed: transaction ID: abcd1234 private data matching public hash version is not available.

Public hash version = {BlockNum: 1337, TxNum: 0}, Private data version = <nil>


What is the reason for fabric requesting the private data from the old approval?

Is there an option to approve without the old private data?


Thanks, Sebastian

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