Migration of Fabric network


Dear Fabric Community,

I have a situation where the entire Fabric network has to be moved to a different set of servers. I would like to gather as much information as possible from experienced people.   
Current scenario: 
The network has two organisations with two peers and three orderers each. Each org has its own org CA and one common CA for TLS. All three CAs are fabric CAs. 

All nodes' domain names are subdomain names of my university. For example:

Now the project has crossed the initial research or trying out phase, now we would like to move the entire network out of the university network. That means remove the current orgs from the network and add two or three new organisations to the network which are hosted elsewhere without losing any data on the blockchain. 

It would be of greater help if you share your experience and things to make sure not to break anything in the process. Especially adding new organisations' CA into the existing network and removing the current ones would be helpful. 
Thank you.

Best regards,

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