Hyperledger 2.2 Peer Out of Sync issue #fabric #fabric-peer #fabric-sdk-node #fabric-endorser #fabric-kubernetes


Hi Fabric Experts,

Currently I am upgrading our network from HLF 1.4 to 2.2.
As our current HLF network using docker and kubernetes we decided to use below approach for the migration.

  1. Identify the last block using peer channel fetch
  2. Clone all the transactions blocks using peer channel fetch
  3. Convert these blocks to JSON
  4. Use the JSON objects to execute transactions using a fabric network.

We are running both HLF 1.4 and 2.2 network during the migration.
While transferring the transaction blocks network handling up to 65K transactions after that both peers going out of sync and maintaining different balance.
65K max I can reach so far sometime peer going out of sync as early as 5K transactions.

HLF 2.2 network Configuration:

  • One Org
  • 2 Peer
  • 3 Orderer

Fabric Network 2.2.5
fabric-ca-client 2.2.5
Please let me know if any one faced the similar issue and best way to solve the issue.

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