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Chris Gabriel <alaskadd@...>

byfn is deprecated in v2.2 in favor of test-network.  If you have the VSCode extension for IBM you can run multiple orgs in the IDE by connecting to other nodes on different machines.  Hope this helps.

On Jul 22, 2021, at 1:03 PM, ilyessv12@... wrote:

I would like to know how can one do to use the second organization (ORG2) another different machine. and I specify (V: 2.2) because it is completely different from version 1.4

  • (ORG1) on a machine
  • (ORG2) another machine

I prescribe: these commands do not exist in V 2.2: ( (./ generate)...

My structure:

folder -bin : ()

folder -config : (configtx.yaml), (core.yaml), (orderer.yaml)

folder -network :
[ folder -configtx : (configtx.yaml)

folder -docker : (docker-compose-ca.yaml), (docker-compose-couch.yaml), (docker- compose-test-net)

folder -organiszations :

[ (ccp-template.yaml) 

  folder -cryptogen : (), (), ()

  folder -fabric-ca  : (), (), ()


when I run the script (./ I manage to create two orgs (1ORG) and (ORG2), I have managed to deploy my chaincode above on the channel (mychannel). But now, what i am looking for is how to be able to do all of this with one (ORG2) on another machine with a simple method.

The suggestions that I find are on the pages concerning the version (1.4), and I recall that practically all the commands which are on this version are absolutely no longer available on the version (2.2)

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