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I would like to know how can one do to use the second organization (ORG2) another different machine. and I specify (V: 2.2) because it is completely different from version 1.4

  • (ORG1) on a machine
  • (ORG2) another machine

I prescribe: these commands do not exist in V 2.2: ( (./ generate)...

My structure:

folder -bin : ()

folder -config : (configtx.yaml), (core.yaml), (orderer.yaml)

folder -network :
[ folder -configtx : (configtx.yaml)

folder -docker : (docker-compose-ca.yaml), (docker-compose-couch.yaml), (docker- compose-test-net)

folder -organiszations :

[ (ccp-template.yaml) 

  folder -cryptogen : (), (), ()

  folder -fabric-ca  : (), (), ()


when I run the script (./ I manage to create two orgs (1ORG) and (ORG2), I have managed to deploy my chaincode above on the channel (mychannel). But now, what i am looking for is how to be able to do all of this with one (ORG2) on another machine with a simple method.

The suggestions that I find are on the pages concerning the version (1.4), and I recall that practically all the commands which are on this version are absolutely no longer available on the version (2.2)

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