Re: Cross chaincode invoke, ACL policy problem (MSP not defined in called channel, but in caller) #fabric-chaincode


From what I understand, only "query" (read only) transactions work cross-invoking in different channels.
If state is modified by chaincode, then channel has to be same as callers chaincode.

In the example, if chaincodeB is invoking chaincodeA, can chaincodeA be deployed in channel-2 ?


On Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 04:34:16 PM GMT+5:30, Sergio C <schica@...> wrote:

Is it possible to cross-invoke a chaincode in other channel (channel-1) (using an identity that isn't part of the channel) from a chaincode in the channel-2 (identity is declared here)?

Org3 and Org4 are part of channel-2.
Org1, Org2 and Org3 are part of channel-1.
Org3 has chaincodeA (instantiated in channel-1) and chaincodeB (instantiated in channel-2) installed.

Org4.member invokes (query) chaincodeB (in Org3Peer) in channel-2 (ok, because Org4 is in channel-2), then chaincodeB internally invokes (query) chaincodeA (fails, because Org4Member MSP isn't defined in channel-1).

Is it possible to bypass this problem?
Any help appreciated.

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