Cross chaincode invoke, ACL policy problem (MSP not defined in called channel, but in caller) #fabric-chaincode

Sergio C

Is it possible to cross-invoke a chaincode in other channel (channel-1) (using an identity that isn't part of the channel) from a chaincode in the channel-2 (identity is declared here)?

Org3 and Org4 are part of channel-2.
Org1, Org2 and Org3 are part of channel-1.
Org3 has chaincodeA (instantiated in channel-1) and chaincodeB (instantiated in channel-2) installed.

Org4.member invokes (query) chaincodeB (in Org3Peer) in channel-2 (ok, because Org4 is in channel-2), then chaincodeB internally invokes (query) chaincodeA (fails, because Org4Member MSP isn't defined in channel-1).

Is it possible to bypass this problem?
Any help appreciated.

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