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This is great to see, Angelo! Kudos, I know getting code like this out can be a ton of work, so kudos to everyone at IBM who helped make that happen.


On 6/9/21 9:15 PM, Angelo De Caro wrote:
Dear Fabric Community,

What would happen if the developers could have access to the following:
- A high level API that hides the complexity of Fabric;
- A Peer-to-Peer infrastructure that let Fabric Clients and Endorsers talk to each as required by the business processes;
- Advanced transaction orchestration;
- A simplified model to interact with chaincodes;
- A State-based programming model that let you forget about RW sets and focus on business objects and their interactions;
- Create tokens that represents any kind of asset (baked by a real-world asset or virtual);
- Choose the privacy level that best fits the use-case without changing the application logic;
- Perform atomic swaps;
- Interoperate with token systems in other blockchain networks;
- Add a token layer to existing Fabric distributed application?
Developing Fabric-based distributed applications would become simpler and joyful.
It is therefore with great pleasure that I would like to share with you some announcements.
We have just open-sourced two new projects as Hyperledger Labs projects whose aim is to deliver on the above expectations: 

1. Fabric Smart Client ( The Fabric Smart Client is a new Fabric Client that lets you focus on business processes and simplifies the development of Fabric-based distributed application.
2. Fabric Token SDK ( The Fabric Token SDK is a set of API and services that lets developers create token-based distributed application on Hyperledger Fabric.

We are looking forward for your feedback and we need your help to make these projects successful.


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