Re: Update expired orderer org admin certificate and orderer certs #fabric-questions #fabric-orderer #signcerts #fabric

Mattia Bolzonella

Hi Ramesh,
Doubt 1: If i have understood correctly, for every update I followed the usual procces for channel update which is:
  1. fetch the latest config block
  2. decode to json
  3. copy the decoded json
  4. modified the copied json
  5. encoded the copied json and the modified json
  6. computed  the diff between the two and encoded in a .pb 
  7. converted the .pb in json
  8. added information about the channel to update (envelope)
  9. encoded the envelope
  10. updated channel configuration using the envelope pb

Doubt 2: I updated everything in atomic operations (just to be sure and have smallest changes possible every time), I think that updating orderer admin and peer admin certs will not be a problem but I didn't tested it, so do at your own risk


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