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Phillip Long

At 4 pm ET today is an ACE Webinar on Blockchain and Learning Continuity Part 2: Improving Skills Communication with Technology.Description: The economic impacts of COVID-19 are sharpening the focus on reskilling amid the need to match tens of millions of displaced workers with opportunity. How can connections be improved between education and the workforce to better document and validate knowledge, skills, and abilities and demonstrate the return on investment of learning? Learn how employers and education providers are beginning to partner through blockchain to improve credentialing and sharing of skills.Sign up at: https://www.acenet.edu/News-Room/Pages/ACE-Initiative-Will-Explore-the-Potential-for-Blockchain-to-Close-Equity-Gaps.aspxNote you are forced to sign up for the ACE Engage list - a practice I will make sure they know I resent but that’s what they currently require people interested in attending the webinar to do

This is not a technology discussion so much as a policy conversation that addresses the educational implications of and possible benefits from DLTs and related tech to the education community.


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