Working with CHAOSS

Ry Jones

CHAOSS is a Linux Foundation project for characterizing community health, defining metrics, project lifecycle, and more. The two working groups I want to point out are the Common Metrics working group, and the Diversity and Inclusion working group.

The D&I WG call is every Monday. Some months ago, I talked with the D&I WG about trying to merge the (informal) efforts of the Hyperledger group to put more thinking and effort in one place. The CHAOSS group was receptive to new members and joining forces.

I still think this is the correct direction. Developing metrics with a broader community, we can use them to understand our projects; we will also be able to compare metrics cross-project. The DCI WG for Hyperledger could then work on implementing suggestions and reporting to a broader audience.
Ry Jones
Community Architect, Hyperledger

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