can not create Front Line interface


Dear Colleagues,

I am preparing blockchain course Blockchain for Financial Institutions (Faculty of Banking and Finance) based on Hyperledger ecosystem in order to include it into the Russian Academy of National Economy educational curriculum

I have developed theoretical part and now finalizing practical case. I have put all necessary application frameworks, software tool and necessary prerequisites, installed Hyperledger Composer, Composer CLI, Yeoman tool for generating application and installed Hyperledger Fabric. I have created simple application on Hyperledger blockchain, everything is working perfectly, but I cannot start Angular server, as a result cannot navigate into application and create Front Line interface.  I followed tutorial -> I asked for help in the Composer Chat and looked for a solution in the GitHub, but unfortunately have not got any reply and could not find an answer to the problem. 
1. This command does not work:  npm install generator-hyperledger-composer        

2. Hyperledger composer command does not work yo hyperledger-composer
3. Installation is also does not work npm install -g generator-hyperledger-composer
4. npm start missing script


Educational Project
Academy of National Economy
Alexander Dedishchev Unfortunately it is only in Russian, but website translation is quite good.

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