Envie uma palestra para o Hyperledger Global Forum

Karen Ottoni

Olá Comunidade do Hyperledger Brasil (e lusófonos)! 

We want to hear about the work that people in the Hyperledger community are doing at Hyperledger Global Forum in Phoenix on March 3-6, 2020.  The deadline for submitting a talk proposal is September 27. Details about the submission process, registration, and more are on the Hyperledger Global Forum 2020 site.

Submit a Talk

Submit a talk to present at Hyperledger Global Forum. Types of Submissions can include:
  • Think Tank (approximately 40 minutes)
  • Workshop (approximately half or full day)
  • Demo Theater (approximately 15 minutes)
  • Panel Discussion (maximum 4 panelists & 1 moderator, approximately 40 minutes)
  • Presentation (maximum 2 presenters, approximately 40 minutes)
The deadline to submit is September 27 at 11:59 PM (PDT).

Register to Attend

Hyperledger Global Forum will offer the unique opportunity for users and contributors of Hyperledger projects from across the globe to meet, align, plan and hack together in-person. Open to members and non-members alike, attendees will have the chance to talk directly with Hyperledger project maintainers and the Technical Steering Committee, collaborate with other organizations on ideas that will directly impact the future of Hyperledger, and promote their work among the enterprise blockchain community.

The agenda will comprise of both a technical and enterprise track, roadmaps for Hyperledger projects, cross-industry keynotes and panels on use cases in development, social networking for the community to bond, and hacking activities with mentors to help deliver specific pipeline features and bring developers up the learning curve.

March 3 - 6, 2020
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, Arizona

Sponsor the Event

Showcase leadership in the enterprise blockchain community and build an expansive network of experts. Learn more about sponsorship here. You can also download the prospectus or find out how your company or organization can participate in the event or contact sponsorships@....



is possible to submit a paper or talk yet??? or the dealine is that sept 27?