Today's call of FMSIG - APAC


Blockchain Use Cases In India: The Boost From The Digital Rupee
Prasanna Lohar
When: Nov 25th, 9 am IST, 11:30 am HKT, 3:30 am GMT, (Nov 24) 10:30 pm EST, 7:30 pm PST

Prasanna will go over the current state of Indian Use Cases. He will also talk about the coming of the Digital Rupee and its effect on these use cases. The Digital Rupee will be built on top of the already healthy public digital infrastructure. What role does such infrastructure have on the readiness and efficacy of a nation to issue a CBDC and to integrate it as a payment rail in the Digital Asset Marketplace? Please show up to contribute to the discussion and debate on the FMSIG. We have already had a very good presentation on Whrrl, a warehouse lending project. We will be following up with presentations on projects that address problems specific to India, a growing and active economy.

A note on the next meeting of US/Europe to follow. It will be on Nov 30, 10 am EST. The previously scheduled talk on the CBDC Manifesto is postponed until the February meeting. The new topic for the meeting is 
"The FTX collapse in the historical context. Foretelling regulation and development of the cryptoverse!" Which will be an open discussion guided by community.

Errata: An earlier email had some errors.
Prasanna Lohar is the President of the India Blockchain Forum Not India Blockchain Association
The time HK Time is November 25, 11:30 am Not 10:30 am
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