Announcing a call for the next meeting of the US/Europe FMSIG Nov 2nd at 10 am EDT


Hi all,
For those who joined today's call expecting a presentation, my apologies.
I am still travelling and caught in a time-warp as I am in Brussels.
To make up for this we will have a presentation for the next US/Europe call on the 2nd of November, just after all hallows day, by Tony Mclaughlin from Citi.

The title is no less than "The Future of Money"



As the contest between physical and digital money enters the endgame, a new phase begins – the contest between different forms of digital money.  Central banks, commercial banks, fintechs, crypto natives and bigtechs will slug it out to capture future payment flows with very different conceptions of digital money.  In the winner takes all digital economy, what form of digital money will come to dominate – it is a 5 way race between CBDC, commercial bank money, e-money, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.  This talk will explore the dynamics of the race and the prospects for the runners and riders.

Hope to see you at the zoom call.


Vipin Bharathan
Digital Transformation Consultant and Full Stack Engineer
Financial Services (Blockchain, ML, Design Thinking)