Transaction Timeout

Ali Abdulaziz <aakzubaidi@...>

Hi there,

when testing on my local machine, I run into transaction lifecycle timeout. Basically I use 3 wirkers with fixed rate of 2000 tx. It would work fine if I make it up to 5 tx per second. Howevet, when I increse the workers or the sent TPS, the problem of timeout occurs. I tried everything I could find on the web with relationship to this mater.
I increased the timeout for workers, fabric chaincode, and in the caliper run-time configuration as well up to 600 seconds.

I do not how they would effect the transaction lifecycle, but even though no avail with introduced increase on the timeout.

When I make the Fabric block batching process larger, I would run into MVCC issue, so I have to stick with 1 transaction per block.

I use Caliper 3.0
Hyperledger Fabric 1.4.6
Typical first network of 5 orderers and 2 orgs of 2 peers for each org.
Two ca server.
The consensus type is Raft.