Question: Is the Caliper able to work only local? Performance issue


Hello, experts!
I am researching about the Performance of Hyperledger Fabric with the Caliper.
Today, I suddenly thought about something good idea to upgrade the performance of the Read/Write set TPS.

On the first step of using the Caliper, we usually install it and run it on the local which means using a computer resources.
So, I thought about using two different computers to run the TPS test with the Caliper. Thus, we able to utilize two computers resources which is twice bigger than a computer.

However, I have no idea how to remotely connect the Caliper and blockchain network in two different individual computer.
Question 1. Is it even possible to work as my idea?
Question 2. If do so, do you know how to make this kind of testing environment?

I will be really appreciated if you answer my questions.

Thank you
Best regard,

Attila Klenik

Dear Sangwoo Park,

Caliper can also be used in distributed mode, meaning that the manager and worker processes are deployed on separate (virtual) machines.
Take a look at the relevant doc page/section:

You can also find an example setup in the Caliper repository:

Even though this is a local setup (everything is running on the same machine), the different Caliper-related services are configured independently. So it's easy to, for example, transform the above local Docker setup to a distributed Docker Swarm setup (or a Kubernetes one), the principles are the same. 

Best regards,
Attila Klenik