Introducing Hyperledger Project & How-to Webinars

Marta Piekarska <mpiekarska@...>

To make sure that the broader community is up to date with latest the Hyperledger project developments and features, we would like to offer two main webinar opportunities:

1. Project Webinar - 1h long webinar on major releases and description of new functionality, ideally with demos. (max two/year)
2. Project How-To - 30 min, hands-on demos and how-tos. (max two/year + unlimited offline recordings)

Each project is limited to two webinars a year, so be sure to save it for major releases.  Project How-To's are supposed to be virtual demos, or short training sessions. Every submission should be sponsored by a maintainer: we want those to be aligned with the rest of the community, so at least one maintainer should sign off on the presentation.

The webinars take place every first and third Wednesday at 3pm GMT/7am PST. 

If you are interested, please contact marketing@....

Have a great day